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Executive Round Table

White-Label Executive Round Table

Given your business experience and market standing, we strongly recommend adopting the Executive Round Table approach to connect with hard-to-reach corporate and business leaders.

Setting up meetings with your most promising prospects can be challenging for many. The Executive Round Table streamlines this process, removing the need for cold calling or bypassing gatekeepers. Instead, it directly brings potential clients to you.

Virtual Executive Round Tables are particularly effective as they easily attract C-Suite Executives, establishing you as a thought leader in addressing new industry challenges. These discussions are highly valuable, as leaders are keen to explore solutions and opportunities pertinent to their roles.

Organizing these leader gatherings around key industry topics naturally positions you as their advisor. This provides an opportunity to contribute value by sharing insights and unique strategies during the event. Typically, these Executive Round Tables convert 25-50% of prospects into appointments.

As your partner, we work with you to fine-tune your approach, messaging, educational content, scripting, and offers. This helps attract clients that align with your business objectives.

We suggest hosting two virtual Executive Round Tables each month, with 4-10 participants. A smaller group promotes better conversation and targets higher-end clients, making your time on each call more effective.

Before your first circle, we’ll guide you to ensure your comfort in facilitating these discussions. This boosts your credibility and sparks interest in further discovery sessions with attending prospects.

Why Choose Our White-Label Executive Round Table?

We understand your perspective because we’ve been in your position! Furthermore, throughout the years, we’ve provided support to some of the foremost brands in the coaching, consulting, B2B and professional servives industry.

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